October 25th-2-Phase

2-phase at Hazel Grove
October 25, 2020

Please Read!!!
​1. Every single person (riders, family, trainers) must sign 2 - COVID-19 release forms. Go here and https://www.hgaa.org/  and you must sign the online COVID-19 release on the ATF website, and print out the Hazel Grove release (to be collected day of show). If you have not signed the releases you will not be allowed at the show. This includes EVERYONE (trainers, parents, helpers)  not just riders. 

2. You may only bring your trainer, 1 helper, and 1 parent to the show. Spectators and any extra people are not allowed.  

3. We will be practicing social distancing. Please keep 6 feet away from all riders and volunteers. There will be one way entrance and exit to the riding areas. You will enter to the left of the property/track. You will exit back to parking area by the SJ arena. Make sure you follow the signs.  

4. Masks must be worn at all times except when riding.  

5. There will be no food booth.

6. Please bring your own water for your horses. There will not be water available.  

7. There will be a sink for handwashing to the left of the barns near the wash rack (the wash rack is closed). 

8. There will be hand sanitizer by secretary, by porta potty, in warm ups and near SJ arena. Please use it often.

9. We won't be providing a show program. Please make sure you print out the times we will send out soon.

10. Please look up what your number will be. Numbers will be put out near the secretary booth. Please know your number and come and pick it up.  

11. Scores ribbons and prizes will be available very quickly after your division is complete. Only one person is allowed at the scoreboard at a time. If someone is there please wait.  

12. Please come, ride, have fun, win ribbons and go home. We are thrilled you are all coming!

Starter- 2019 Walk/Trot Test B- 12" Jumps

Pre-Elementary - 2019 Walk/Trot Test B- 18" Jumps

Elementary - 2018 BN Test A - 2' Jumps

Advanced Elementary - 2018 BN Test A - 2'3" Jumps

Beginner Novice - 2018 BN Test A - 2'7" Jumps

Novice - 2018 Nov Test A - 2'11" Jumps

Training - 2018 Training Test A - 3'3" Jumps

Modified-2018 Modified Test B - 3'5" Jumps

Preliminary - 2018 Prelim. Test A - 3'7" Jumps

June 4 Results

Covid Release Form

Check out the photos from our previous 2-phases!!!
Photos:  https://flatlandsfoto.com/

Thank you again for joining us for our first ATF 2-Phase series at Hazel Grove.  We had 4 events this summer and we can't thank you enough for supporting us! We loved seeing you and hope to see you again next year.  

October 25th Results