August 4

2-phase at Hazel Grove
Sunday October 23rd

Time to see if you can jump while dressed like a butterfly.  It's our annual SPOOKY HALOWEEN show.  Costumes are encouraged!!! Come join us for one more 2-phase before we go into hiding for the winter or escape to warmer climates.  Great opportunity to move up a level!  

Entry Form

Entry Status/Times/Results
Please NOTE... Times are not official until Sunday morning- do not look at any times that are next to your name until then!  

To find results, just click on tab on bottom for score sheets. 

Please Read!!!

All riders must sign a release form and a release form.  
HGAA Waiver- print out and return to secretary

1.  There will be no food booth.

2. Please bring your own water for your horses. There will not be water available.  

3. We won't be providing a show program. Please make sure you print out the times we will send out soon.  Please also note your number.  Numbers will be laid out on a table near the secretary booth.  

Leadline- 2019 Walk/Trot Test A- 12" Jumps

Starter- 2019 Walk/Trot Test B- 12" Jumps

Pre-Elementary - 2019 Walk/Trot Test B- 18" Jumps

Elementary - 2022 Starter  Test - 2' Jumps

Advanced Elementary - 2022 Starter Test - 2'3" Jumps

Beginner Novice - 2022 BN Test A - 2'7" Jumps

Novice - 2022 Nov Test A - 2'11" Jumps

Training - 2022 Training Test A - 3'3" Jumps

Modified-2022 Modified Test B - 3'5" Jumps

Preliminary - 2022 Prelim. Test A - 3'7" Jumps

Covid Release Form