Rates Effective 5/2022

Boarding Rates:

Wheeler Road Board: $880 - this includes your weekly lesson.  Pay before the 1st of the month and deduct $30. 

Indoor Winter Board: 
$1130 Main Aisle Stall
$1080 Pony Aisle Stall
Pay before the 1st of month and deduct $30. 

Training Board: $1350/month - includes 5 training rides/week or 2 lessons and 1 training ride.

Pay by the training ride: $45/ride

Updated 9/27/22

Medicine/Care Fees: 
Short Term Medicine Care:  
$20 (7-14 days).  This includes giving SMZs, injections, eye meds, wound care etc.  Boarders are welcome and encouraged to come and administer medicines and will not be charged. 

Long Term Syringed Meds: 
$30/month: Horses that get 1 syringed medicine (AM & PM)
$40/month:  Horses that get 2+ syringed medicines. 

Long Term:  $30/month for horses that need to be wrapped every day
Short Term:  $20 for injuries that require 7-10 days of wrapping.
Soaking/Wrapping:  $20/day
Again, boarders are welcome and encouraged to come and do these things to avoid these charges.  

Lesson Rates (Students over 7): 
​Updated for 5/1/22
Monthly hour group lessons: $200/month.
Monthly 1/2 hr. privates: $180/month
Pay by lesson group hour:  $75
Pay by lesson 1/2 hour: $55
Pay by lesson hour private: $85

Indoor Riding Fee:  $130 (1 time for students riding lesson horses)

Coaching at shows: 
Sanctioned: $125
Schooling: $100
Fun Shows (Town Ring):  $75
​Trailering Fee:   Depends on distance to event.

Leasing Rates: 

Competition lease: $385/Month and includes 3 extra rides (Price does not includes lessons)

Non-competition lease: $350/month and includes 3 extra rides (Price does not include lessons)

Partial Lease: $215/month and includes 2 extra rides per week 

Riders who lease do not pay the Winter Riding Fee.