Head Instructor:  Alison Eastman-Lawler

Apple Tree Farm
Alison Eastman-Lawler

P.O. Box 463
Hollis, NH 03049

Megan O'Neil:  Megan has been with ATF since she was a little girl. She has a degree in Equine Business and years of experience as a barn manager and instructor. In college she completed her British Horse Society certification. Megan owns Millie and has been training her for a year now.  When not at the barn, Megan also works for Shire with Kim! 

Caitlin Dwyer:  Caitlin is also new to our teaching program, but she has ridden at ATF since she was little.   Caitlin has competed up through training level.  Caitlin is also a teacher outside of the barn.  

Ann Grenier: Ann has been riding and teaching at Apple Tree Farm for over 15 years. She has competed up through preliminary level eventing. When not at the barn, Ann is a 7th grade science teacher in Manchester, NH.  
Kim Bowers:  Kim is a new addition to our teaching staff.  She is the proud owner of Bentley and Willie.  She has competed up through training level eventing.  When not at the barn, Kim works for Shire, a biotech manufacturing company.